16. – 18. Januar 2015

Brussels Cologne Contemporaries 2015

Hubert Becker

Hubert Becker’s photography plays with the ideas of the original vs. the copy, reality vs. imagination, fictions and forgeries. His source materials are often well-known images from popular media and famous works of art, which he quotes, copies, reframes, rephotographs and appropriates to become his own work. The photographs dissolve their authenticity through an artistic act between collection, experimentation and production.

Becker’s work deal with famous works of photographic history; they quote known photographers such as C.E. Watkins (born 1829), Harold Edgerton (born 1903) and Paul Outerbridge (born 1896). With the image  Saltine Box, Becker refers to the photo with the mysterious shadow of Outerbridge, which originated in 1922 and remains one of the most expensive photographic works.